Bespoke Massage Treatment

Massage is often seen as a luxurious treatment rather than a necessity.  When we stop to think, our bodies get put through an awful lot, stress from the ever increasing fast pace of life, lifestyle choices, physically and mentally demanding jobs. If we were to expect our cars to run smoothly for a large number of years with out regular maintenance we would be let down in a short space of time. Yet we expect our bodies to keep on going. This can then display as illness, injury, muscular tension, pain with in our bodies and mental and physical exhaustion.

Massage is not only a treatment that relaxes, but one of healing. To enable relaxation we are stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (The part allows which rest and repair). This has a knock on effect to the rest of the body and each and every system with in it. 


  • Endocrine system, lowering cortisol and increasing in oxytocin. 

  • Cardiovascular, slowing the heart rate. 

  • Lymph, manually enabling lymph to flow freely through the body, removing toxins.

  • Muscular, aiding in repair of injury's from sport or general where and tear on the body by bring space into the are alongside blood flow, fresh nutrients to aid repair.

  • Digestive complaints (IBS).

And many more.

By ALLOWING ones self to have a regular treatment, it is enabling the body and mind to have the much needed time to reboot.